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Sludge Carbonizer

Brief Introduction

Sludge drying and carbonization is a newly developed sludge recycling technology by Benenv. It is the result of the painstaking efforts of Japanese experts and Chinese professors in incineration, drying, carbonization field. This technology integrates the advantages of sludge drying and carbonization, and is both stable and dioxin free during the treatment process. During the process, drying is through direct heating while carbonization is through medium carbonization, which produces high quality products.

Process Flow

Drying Principle

Internal Structure

  • No bound issue
           The sludge is very sticky, and has a special adhesive-phase reaction during the drying process (water content around 40%-60%). During this short period, sludge is easily caking, with hard surface, yet still mud state inside. There is a special disintegrating and mixing device inside super dryer, which rotates with high speed during drying process, and breaks the adhesive phase sludge into small particles, thus increase the drying efficiency.

  • Low running costs, energy recyclable
          After medium temperature carbonization, dried sludge generates large quantities of dry distillation gas under anaerobic condition. The gas is introduced into the combustion chamber of carbonizer as heat source. The high-temperature fume is pumped into dryer as the heat source. Therefore, running cost is low while thermal energy can be utilized and recyclable.

  •  Total sludge volume reduced by more than 90%
          After dried by super drier initially,  and then carbonized by carbonizer with a further volume reduction; finally, the volume of the sludge can be reduced by 90%.

  •   No harmful gas emissions
         With advanced exhaust gas treatment system, dioxins produced during carbonization can be completely decomposed, via cyclone, caustic tower, bag filter, activated carbon adsorption process as complete treatment system. Exhaust gas is highly purified, definitely better than the national emission standards.

  •  Harmless carbonized product with a wide range of uses
         After the drying and medium temperature carbonization, sludge ultimately becomes stable particles with size of 1-5mm. Meanwhile, heavy metals have been solidified and the problem of heavy metals in sludge is solved fundamentally.

  • Simple operation, short processing time, small footprint 
         The entire process is fully automatic, and in accordance with the explosion-proof safety system which is designed to reduce human activities on the environment damage. Equipment is with small size, small footprint, short processing time, high reliability, suitable for construction operations in harsh environments. The overall level of equipment and process are leading the industry.

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