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Wave Separator

WAVE dewatering press is a solid-liquid separator machine with self-cleaning function by slits opposite continuous rotation, no vibration and noises.

No clogging and backwash

Solid-liquid separation and self-cleaning are carried out 

simultaneously by slits opposite continuous rotation. 

Stable treatment capacity

Continuous cleaning process avoids the problem of 

treatment capacity reduction in other type dew

tering machines. 

Large transport load

Smooth rotation in a wave-shape of oval discs enables high transportload. 

Easy maintenance

Since structure is quite simple, maintenance is also very 


Play a vital role in various solid-liquid separation 

Slit width can be adjusted to maximize its role according to 

different treatment targets and treatment purposes.



Specifications List

  Thickener Models

  Dewatering Models

Case study for livestock wastes 

Application Fields


 Food wastes treatment in school feeding center for scraps of food processing;
 Fishery wastes treatment;
 Crusher drainage waste disposer;
 Process before treatment wastewater;
 Drain water off devise from food etc;
 Primary filtration for wastes coming from grease traps;
 Enrichment screen before dehydration;

 Solid-liquid separation for oil waste etc;

 Primary treatment for wastes produced from livestock etc.

 Crushed wastes collection such as plastic etc.

 Construction sites where sludge is treated by dewatering equipment screw press sludge image is before and after treatment.

 Purification of lakes and rivers
. Primary treatment
. Sediment and sludge treatment

  Application Fields

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