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Algae Troubles

During the summer months in progress and high temperatures on the rise, many locations are having problems with algae and duckweed growth. Blue-green algae, red algae, yellow and brown colored algae in many ponds and lagoons has been more widespread than in previous years due to higher temperatures and water eutrophication, less oxygen transfer in ponds and lagoons, lowered rainfall, and runoff interference. Algae growing in any aerated lagoon systems, ponds or wastewater treatment plants can increase both the TSS and the CBOD5 of the effluent. This can cause false high BOD and TSS levels in final effluent permits. Excess algae can also create nuisance surface scum, poor water clarity, and noxious odors. If the algae makes its way into the drinking water source, it also can impact taste and smell.

Current Solution

1. Current all salvage sites are fixed, there are many blind spots, when some local positions have occurrence of algae, algae can not be timely collected and treated, this situation happens especially in the blue-green algae outbreak season, it’s a big problem and particularly serious issue.
2. At present, most of algae-water separation systems are mainly fixed treatment stations, the system is relatively complex, management labor and mechanical costs are pretty high.
3. The algae after dewatering, the cake after separation has low solid content, which will put pressure on the disposal and reutilization of resources.
4. The current fixed treatment station system is poor mobility, for the sudden blue-green algae collection, processing, management it’s
inflexibility. In a word, current fixed treatment station is hard to face the burst of blue-green algae, mobile algae treatment system is a good emergency system and excellent backup. To make the algae treatment more timely, efficient and flexible.

Our solution

In order to solve this problem, terminate the salvage blind spots, inflexible issue, low solid concentration, and increase the emergency treatment capacity of algae, Benenv developed a mobile algae treatment system.
Mobile algae treatment system includes 2 sections: algae collection system and algae dewatering system:
1) Algae collection system includes big solids screen, algae collection system, balance tank (in order to adjust waster capacity, make sure the algae dewatering effects), this system can realize 1000m³/d collection capacity.
2) Algae dewatering system includes algae screw pump, flocculation and settle tank, water break system, clog-free solid-liquid separator, control cabinet, generator, filtrate and odor control system, etc.
This system can treat 1000 m³/d and separate the algae from water, the algae cake after treatment is around 40~50 ton/day, moisture is 85-90%


● Quick Collection, High Efficiency, low moisture after treatment
● Protect the environment, reuse and recycle the filtrate and algae
● Improve the ponds and water quality, totally remove N, P 
● Solve eutrophication problem, remove water-soluble toxic substances
● Automatically running and separation, save labor cost and investment
● Save delivery cost, reduce odor
● Flexible and smart design, online monitoring and control

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